Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year Bra Talk

The New Year is going to be fabulous for us curvy girls.  Bra fitting is hitting the TV on the Life Time Channel.  Double Divas starts on January 10, and it is the art of bra fitting, southern style.  Celebrating boobs and wearing the proper garments can be a hoot!

That's why I love my life at Bra Garden.  We celebrate Womanhood and our bodies.  Living in a culture where bras are a must, and for some of us, it is a bit of a harness. But we don't have to suck it up to lift them up.  It is all about sizes and styles.

If broken into just numbers and letters, we as women start to feel uncomfortable, not to mention confused. News Flash!  There is a reason for that....there is no logic in the Bra World.  DD is the new G! Every style and size will fit differently and there is no standard measure.  Every bra is different, just like your boobs!

We can personally guide you through the jungle of bra shapes and sizes you never even knew existed.  Finding the perfect shaping garments for your body which you can wear in comfort and with confidence.
                                        Love the way you Bloom!
                     Thank you Bra Garden Fans.  We value your business.
                                          Happy New Year!!



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